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Hi, I'm Ben Chiriboga.
Can I help you sell faster with proper positioning
Let's Start, 
We Are At the Tipping Point in Legal Innovation
For LegalTech and NewLaw companies finding traction inside the slow to change, traditional industry of law can be a challenge. 

However, with the right positioningplacement and perception, it doesn't have to be.

Our consulting can help you Go Small to Go Big and Win.
Mktg/Sales Expertise for Today's 
LegalTech and NewLaw businesses
The Three E's of Consulting
  •  Expertise  I focus solely and singularly on advising LegalTech and NewLaw companies.
  • Efficient mrktg & sales leveraging full breadth of solutions and technology-enable delivery.
  •  Effortless optimized and customized to your mrktg & sales issues.
If you're not continually learning, you're going going backwards...
Former lawyer turned mktg & sales consultant for LegalTech & NewLaw.

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